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Garage Floors

Color Flake System

Pristine Garage prides itself on being the top in the industry when it comes to quality and customer service. We only use the best materials (Ultra Surface products) and we have the most thorough process of anyone in the business. Our process:

The Grind and Epoxy Prime Coat: Everyone knows the surface prep is the most important factor in long term durability. Through our years of experience we have learned that a degreaser or an acid wash just doesn't cut it. We always use the most effective process. Industrial Grade Diamond Blade Grinding is the only way to go.  The grinding process gets rid of all the contaminants (oil, grease, dirt, pant, glue, etc.) all in one swoop. After the surface is clean and smooth, we apply the 100% solids epoxy primer to create a permanant bond to the concrete. Let dry over night.

Day 2
Color Base Coat and Throw Chips: Next, we apply the highest quality colored urethane as a base coat. Then while it is still wet, we cover the whole surface with the desired color combo of color flakes. We always throw to full saturation to make sure the chips are completely uniform throughout. Let dry over night.

Day 3  
Scrape the Chips and Apply First Clear Coat: Next, we scrape the whole surface of the floor to get rid of all the loose chips and any that didn't lay perfectly flat. With the chips scraped smooth it is ready for the first clear coat of urethane. We apply the clear coat and let it dry over night.

Final Clear Coat: We apply the final clear coat of urethane. Now just wait a few days to let it all cure and you are good to go.


         Grey             Granite             Sahara           Almond          Brown        

Smoke              Terrazzo


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